Test it!

Our consulting and test offer

Every Tuesday in the rooms of the Aidshilfe, we offer you the opportunity to obtain detailed advice on HIV and other venereal diseases and also to be tested. Once every three months this service is additional provided at XL-Sauna & Lounge in Saarbrücken.

OUR TIP: If you have a variety of sexual partners, you should get tested at least once a year for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases increase the risk of becoming infected with HIV.

Information on the various venereal diseases can be found on the pages of Deutsche Aidshilfe.

We assure you confidentiality and anonymity. The offer is free for you.

 "Test it!" is a campaign of "Gudd druff!" in collaboration with the Saarbrücken health authority and is aimed exclusively at gay and other men who have sex with men and Trans* persons.

Our offer includes:•

HIV quick tests as well as
Laboratory tests on

  • HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C (blood sampling)

  • chlamydia and gonococci (anal swab and / or urine sample)

For organizational reasons, we are unfortunately unable to offer quick tests on the dates that take place at the sauna. At the Aidshilfe center, HIV quick tests are only available until 7:30 PM.

Why should I get tested?

There are good reasons for an HIV test. It ensures clarity. If there is no HIV infection, there is no need to worry about it. If the test is actually positive, you can start immediately with HIV therapy.

HIV infection is treatable today. If it is recognized in time and medication taken, you have a good chance of a normal life expectancy and it will prevent you from getting AIDS.

Unfortunately, many people still learn far too late about their HIV infection, some not until they are hospitalized with life-threatening illnesses. This can be avoided by an early HIV test!

Even if an HIV infection has happened a long time ago, a test makes sense, because HIV therapy can often stabilize the immune system in later stages of the disease.

More information on the HIV test is offered by the German Aidshilfe  here.

What is actually fast about the HIV rapid test?

The advantage of HIV rapid tests is that even with little blood from your finger it already shows a result after 15 minutes. An HIV rapid test is dependable only 12 weeks after a risk situation. If you have met the 12 week deadline and the rapid test is negative, you have a reliable result.

Things are a bit different if the rapid test is "reactive", indicating a possible infection. Both the rapid and the lab tests are very sensitive and can in rare cases even react when there is no HIV at all. A "reactive" test must therefore always be confirmed by another test procedure. In the laboratory test, this is done with the same blood sample and you will only be informed about the secured result. If you chose the rapid test, additional blood is taken from the vein and sent to a laboratory. The final result is then available after 2-3 days.